DAJS Shockwave 612 - Angus
Reg. # 16438972
Sire:  Gambles Hot Rod
    MGS:  Bon View New Design 878
DOB:  5/24/2009   BW:  69
BW  +3.3   WW  +48  YW  +77   Milk +21
Semen $30/ Certificates $30

Shockwave is the most talked about bull the Angus breed has had in years.  He dominated the barn at the 2011 NWSS culminating in being slapped Grand Champion Bull.  This Hot Rod son is ready to step and take over where his sire left off.  For an Angus bull that is extra big bodied, sound with a big topped in a moderate and heavy structured package Shockwave is a must. 

Owned with Ewing Angus Farm, and the Shockwave Syndicate

DAJS The Silver Bullet 546 - Chimaine
Reg. # 349826
Sire:  The Milkman
MGS:  Charolais
DOB  3/10/2010
BW:  90
Semen $20,  Spring and Fall Lease Options available

For those easy to sell and hard to beat smokey steers use Silver Bullet.  This Heatwave grandson will bring solid Charolais influence to your program. He has already made his own mark in 2011 by being named Res. Grand Champion Bull at Fort Worth and Louisville.  For sound bulls and heifers bred to perform use Silver Bullet.


DAJS After Effect 714 - Angus

Reg. #: 17205510
Sire: SAV Brilliance 8077

MGS: Champion Hill Edition 2029
DOB: 11/05/2011
BW: 70
BW +2.1 WW +50 YW +95 Milk +24
Semen $25/ Certificates $30
Spring and Fall Lease Options Available

 After Effect is the newest addition to our sire line up.  This Brilliance son will be crowned Senior Bull Calf of the Year for the 2012-2013 ROV Show Season.  In a phenotypcially superior package After Effect provides a way to add the performance punch of both the SAV genetics and Champion Hill Edition.  We are currently using him in our own breeding program on all of our first calf heifers.  To get the most our of that first calf crop After Effect should provide the solution.

DAJS All Star M243 - Angus
Reg. # 14282015
Sire: Famous 7001
MGS: Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C
DOB: 10/2/2002
BW: 71
BW +3.5 WW +47 YW +86 Milk +19
Semen $25/ Certificates $25

If you like Gambles Hot Rod, you will love this ¾ brother. All Star is one of the best kept secrets in the Angus breed. Since making his own mark in the show ring as Grand Champion Bull at Fort Worth and Res. Grand at the Reno, he has sired over a dozen NJAS class winners, including the Reserve Grand Champion Steer in 2006. For solid bulls and heifers All Star needs to be on your list.

Owned with 4 G Angus, and Chambers Cattle Co.

 DAJS Drover L111 - Angus
Reg. #: 13876909
Sire: Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C
MGS: WK Ultimatum
DOB: 4/12/2001
BW: 79
BW +2.5 WW +49 YW +91 Milk +16
Semen $25/ Certificates $25

Drover is Saugahatchee’s greatest son. He was unstoppable in the show ring as a calf. After his own successful career he has gone on to sire such champions as Supreme Champion Heifer at Arizona National, Grand Champion Heifer at Houston, and Grand Champion Cow/Calf at Denver. To add the exceptional female influence of Saugahatchee to your herd use DAJS Drover L111.


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